Medicare Supplement Training

Begin your career with some of the best Medicare Supplement Sales Training available. Watch videos on our Medicare Supplement Training Platform to gain complete knowledge on Medicare, how to sell Medicare Supplements and be ready to meet with clients. As a Medicare FMO, we believe that in order for you to be successful, you’ll need complete Medicare agent training with all the tools to create more sales opportunities. That’s why our proven Medicare Supplement Training Platform ensures that you gain all the knowledge you need on how to sell Medicare Supplements for a life-long career. 



All topics of Medicare Supplement Sales are covered: 


Medicare Supplement Prospecting

Uncover many options available when PROSPECTING for Medicare Supplement clients:

  • Turning 65 Phone Scripts
  • Door Knocking / Drop By Strategy
  • Unique outreach program
  • Current Clients


Medicare Supplement Sales Training Techniques

Learn proven SALES TECHNIQUES by watching videos on:

  • Building Trust
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Medicare Supplement Sales Objections
  • Medicare Supplement Sales Tips


Medicare AGENT Training

Discover details on when and how to sell Medicare Supplements:

  • Medicare 101 - Cheat Sheet
  • Medicare Agent Training on Parts A and B
  • Enrollment Periods - Complete Medicare Agent Training
  • Needs Analysis

Learn all asects of Medicare Parts with a complete section on Medicare Agent Training. Personal coaching available from trainers who will offer sales tips and guidance on how to sell Medicare Supplements and handle Medicare Supplement objections.  We will show you how to increase sales, make more money, and cross sell with whole life and annuities.


Simplify your sales process by using our custom Medicare Supplement Quote Engine Tool to find the best price and company based on location and plan options. 

Enter clients: ZIP CODE, age, gender, tobacco status, plan type, effective date

Find your client the best Medicare Supplement Price for them including the ability to apply household discounts.
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Contract today to use all benefits offered by Prosurity by pairing FREE Medicare Supplement leads with complete Medicare agent training and our Medicare Supplement Quote Engine.