Prosurity gives Mortgage Protection insurance agents access to our successful in-house marketing and direct mail lead generation system.  Our own team of researchers collect data from each agent’s territory daily. Mailers are sent out immediately via First Class mail from our own mail house on site. Responses are received by qualified prospects who are ready to meet and choose coverage. Choose your location based on your counties of preference. Receive leads on a daily basis as returned.
Do you want to earn six-figures with no cold calling? Mortgage Protection Insurance Leads simplify an agent’s job by removing prospecting and allowing you to focus on helping clients find the right plan. 

LEADs include


Purchase leads with the ability to have continuous weekly leads automatically assigned to you DAILYProsurity takes pride in the fact that we do not saturate a county with several agents. 

This means counties are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most importantly, this means when new mortgage protection leads come in, they are sent only to you, exclusively for 30 days. Order our leads and see the Prosurity difference. (855) 250-8467

Download Full-Size Example Lead

Below: Watch an actual Prosurity Agent in the field who had spoken with prospects from a Mortgage Protection Lead, met them in their home, and just closed a sale for Mortgage Protection Insurance.

$5 final expense LEADS

The EASIEST Final Expense lead you will ever work! Work realtime EXCLUSIVE $5 LEADS to sell Final Expense life insurance.   

  • High-Intent: Prospect goes off Facebook™ to fill out blank forms
  • Fast Delivery: Most orders are COMPLETE within 24-48 hours
  • We Mention Life InsuranceProspects know what they are looking for

IMAGINE working a final expense lead with 3 questions related to the prospect's current life insurance!

  • Beneficiary
  • Current coverage
  • Desired coverage amount
  • Printable lead to present to clients

30% higher close ratio than typical FE Leads.  No other lead like this in the industry. Work up to 30 per week in your area. Learn More




virtual life LEADS - SELL FROM HOME

Prosurity offers agents access to an entire lead and sales system made for selling life insurance from home. Many agents have transitioned to selling coverage by phone because of consumer receptiveness of convenience. Simplify your career and become more efficient with your own time.Occupations

Complete online training is offered for selling and helping families with their request for coverage. 

JOIN our webinar and learn how you can sell to SPECIFIC OCCUPATIONS that want non-med term life insurance.  

  • Sell over the phone
  • Be in the comfort of your own home
  • Leads that book on your calendar
  • Long form leads asking 9 questions
  • Sell virtual with no "windshield" time


Order our leads and see the Prosurity difference.
Contact us today about fresh leads in your area. (855) 250-8467