Begin your career with some of the best training available at Prosurity. We believe that in order for you to be successful, you’ll need all the tools to create more sales opportunities and better commissions. That’s why our proven insurance sales training and sales system ensures that you gain all the knowledge you need on how to sell life insurance for a life-long career with a company that rewards you for outstanding performance. 

MORTGAGE PROTECTION insurance sales training

Prosurity provides each of our Mortgage Protection insurance agents with direct access to our Agent Portal for the training process. Our primary goal is to reduce the learning curve and support quick success. 

Initial Contact

Watch videos about first initial contact with how to effectively call your mortgage protection leads, use an insurance sales script, and set appointments over the phone. Ways to set a strong meeting to make the insurance presentation close goes smoothly. Forms are provided to use when calling to be sure all information is gathered to ensure quotes and needs will be met accurately.

IN-HOME or phone sales APPOINTMENT

Our insurance sales training offers videos of an actual insurance presentation.

Meeting clients in person at their home: Start with preparing materials, what to bring, how to approach a home correctly, transitioning phrases, how to sell life insurance and tips for closing.



Not only does the online system provide instruction on how to sell life insurance with actual videos of an insurance presentation and telephone scripts to guide you towards a great sale, it also provides the technical support to effectively track and build your business by including the following:

  • Appointment forms (be sure to collect what you need before meeting in person)
  • Insurance presentation "FEATURES" sheet to correctly explain all benefits
  • Custom Insurance Quote sheets created for each company/product
  • Mobile insurance quoting links
  • Post Sale Checklist to leave with clients when application is taken

Plus more on helping a family's needs and maintaining an excellent relationship with your clients.  Download our eBook on Overcoming Phone Objections


continued training

Prosurity agents receive continued training with our ongoing meetings, webinars and Huddle Calls.

  • New Agent Sales Orientation
  • Insurance company webinars with guest speakers to learn new product details
  • Announcements of top leaders and success stories
  • Agent recognition and company contests
  • New Product Launches

Insurance sales Training Welcome Video from Agent Portal


Virtual Sales Training - Selling insurance from home

Prosurity offers complete training for selling from home.  Login online from the comfort of your own home to learn the simple steps for selling insurance virtually. Learn more by joining our next webinar.


FINAL EXPENSE insurance sales training

Prosurity's Ultimate Final Expense Planning Guide is the foundation of our Final Expense Insurance Sales System.  This exclusive 30-page guide is designed to accompany an in-home presentation to plainly explain the average burial and funeral costs to your client while delineating the differences between the plans offered by Prosurity's A-rated companies with our competition.

In short, the Ultimate Final Expense Planning Guide helps your clients make more sound financial decisions about their future and the future of their loved ones.





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