Be your own bank - Concept

Your Family Bank enables individuals, families and businesses to create a personalized financing program to capture some of the interest normally paid to financial institutions, and operates similarly to the federally chartered bank down the street.

Your Family Bank Goals - The Plan

Your Family BankĀ®, enabling you to reach your goals and dreams faster than you thought possible.

Your Family Bank - Future's Success - The Benefits

Recapture $0.54 to $0.64 of every dollar you earn that goes to interest and taxes.

  • Have tax-free income at retirement
  • Capture the interest you are currently losing
  • Save for college
  • Prevent Payment of Estate Taxes
  • Create a Family Legacy that Passes to Each New Generation 

" Family Bank Agent really took the time to educate me on important financial principles giving me valuable insight into money that I never had before."   - E. C. Florida

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